Insight Sensor

Our insight sensor is a state-of-the-art and low-cost device, that has been designed and optimised to reliably gather typical impact and collision data. The sensor combines patented low-power Bluetooth technology protected within a smart-polymer casing. The sensor is small and battery powered, offering low-power, integrated and wireless technology that enables the device to be in constant operation and always ready to collect data.


The Insight Sensor can be standard or retro fitted across a range of applications, covering all motorsports. The sensor is used where the chance of an impact injury is high and there is a need to react to informative data to protect the individual at risk. This ranges from a standard fitment in a helmet to a retrofit micro accident data recorder in a vehicle. The insight sensor can be configured to operate in a multitude of different ways, ranging from AI assisted injury assessment device, to a whole vehicle impact logger.


The Insight Sensor has unique capabilities that can be specifically tailored to support the requirements of any sport. The sensor is able to record and analyse impact parameters such as direction, force and rotational acceleration. One example of this is using AI to measure the rotational motion transferred to the brain during a collision. This helps to highlight the likely severity of any injury following an impact.

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